Now accepting local clients in the Bay Area for ThetaHealingBodywork and Transformative Embodiment Coaching.

ThetaHealing and Coaching possible in person or through phone/Skype.

In the Nevada City area and want to book a session?
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Transformative Embodiment

Transformative Embodiment is the synthesis of all the schools of healing that form Odessa’s “Healer Tool Belt.” A session may consist of ThetaHealing belief work, spiritual and somatic inquiry, guided meditation Read more →


Theta Healing uses the Theta brainwave to reprogram the subconscious, clear old belief systems and open new pathways for deep transformation, enabling us to create the reality we want. Read more →

Massage & Bodywork

Based in Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, expect a deeply attuned and specialized session, which can also incorporate intuitive energy healing, including Polarity Therapy and Cranial Sacral, upon request. Read more →


Using only Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils, Raindrop begins with energy balancing. Essential oils are applied to reflexology points on the feet. Then, a sequence of nine highly immune-enhancing essentials oils are dropped like rain onto the spine Read more →