Embodied Social Justice

Resilient Body

Trauma-informed movement practice for expanding capacity, confronting privilege and bias

Recruit your body’s wisdom to help you show up better in the work towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

Confronting privilege and dismantling oppressive structures in our culture and inside of ourselves is challenging work. Inequality and oppression are rooted in collective trauma. Trauma lives in our bodies as chronic states of fight, flight, and freeze.

Through dance, movement, and somatic resourcing, and community harvesting, discover how your body defends itself and expand your capacity to be in discomfort, a requirement for confronting oppressive structures within ourselves and healing towards more inclusion and belonging.

From Trauma to Magic

Individual and Collective Healing through Embodiment

Investigating the connections of our individual healing of trauma to the necessary work of healing collective trauma. We will start with resource building to bolster the field of health, and a brief overview of polyvagal theory.

Using guided meditation, somatic exercises, dyads and small group discussions, we’ll explore our bodies to understand our own heritage of intergenerational trauma through the lens of social power, privilege and oppression. In doing this uncomfortable work together, we move towards more inclusion, equity and harmony within ourselves and within our community.