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SoulPlay FallFest – September 9-12, 2021 | Cobb CA

Coming into Contact

How do we re-engage with each other, on and off the dance floor, while honoring the impact of the last 18 months? How do we want to be, what are we ready for, what feels foreign, what feels exciting? How do we include it all while practicing good consent hygiene? A class for those who might need a slower pace in order to truly calibrate for authentic connection, but also want to access the joy of dancing together!

Metabolize, Embody, Reset

Using somatic resourcing tools, nervous system regulation, movement exploration and touch (touch optional – for those it will benefit) and to help us process and release the collective trauma of the past 18 months. We will cultivate a space of safety and ground to allow the body to unwind from emotions and activations without judgement. What is your body still holding onto that needs support to metabolize, move through, heal, and reset, in service to the life that is unfolding now?

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