Transformative Embodiment

What is Transformative Embodiment?

Transformative Embodiment is the synthesis of all the schools of healing that form Odessa’s “Healer Tool Belt.” A session may consist of ThetaHealing belief work, spiritual and somatic inquiry, guided meditation and visualization, guided movement, therapeutic touch (massage or energy work), trauma release work, and aromatherapy. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client, may involve work on and off the massage table, as well as movement. Because of the many layers of this work, Transformative Embodiment sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes.


Who are these sessions for?

These sessions serve anyone wanting to have a deeper understanding of yourself, in service of healing in a way that will..

  • Broaden your capacity to traverse hard times and expand your resilience
  • Change chronic pain patterns in the body
  • Deepen empathic and embodied awareness for greater health and wellness
  • Release old trauma stored in the body
  • Make substantial shifts in behavioral and thought patterns
  • Bring in more vitality and aliveness

Tools Used:

  • Belief Work, Intuitive Readings, Manifesting, Genetic Recoding
  • Primal Brain Reprogramming
  • Cellular Re-patterning
  • Somatic Inquiry
  • Authentic and Improvisational Movement
  • Energy Work, Chakra Balancing
  • Massage
  • Essential Oils