Trauma to Magic: Somatic Resourcing for Individual and Collective Healing

We are sovereign beings. A collection of cells and fascia, neural networks and processes, muscles and bones, beliefs and beating hearts, postures and gestures.

We are social beings. Borne into relationship, needy and vulnerable, reliant on touch, air, nourishment of all kinds from outside of ourselves for our very survival.

Through all of our life-living we are moving, the resilient dance of adapting our bodies, begotten on the journey from trauma to magic.

Using the frameworks of polyvagal theory, somatics and social justice, we investigate the connections of our personal trauma to collective trauma and systemic oppression. What states do we find our bodies in? How is our personal experience reflected in the collective? How does our trauma keep us separate, isolated and in pain? What is the pathway towards integration and belonging within the collective?

Using somatic practices and movement we investigate our bodies as the holders of (individual and systemic) traumatic memory. Exercises emphasize resource building to increase access to our own bodies as a place of safe haven. In doing so,, we make ourselves more available for the difficult and uncomfortable explorations that confront our privilege, the oppressor/oppressed dynamics within us, and within the social framework. Through this investigation, may we unfold towards more inclusion and safety within ourselves and with each other.